#BOSSBABE Vision Board

For the longest time, I never really understood the vision board concept, or perhaps more so that I didn’t truly believe in it. It wasn’t until recently while watching a video from Marlena Stell of Makeup Geek where she shared her Vision Board that I decided it was time to make one of my own. She spoke of the reasons behind the items on her board but more importantly, how so much of what she put it on has already manifested. Here is the link to the full video is you want to check it out: CLICK HERE

You may be thinking, its already March, shouldn’t you have done this at the beginning of the new year? And the answer is yes, probably, but the inspiration for it wasn’t there at that time, and there is never a BAD time to visualize and go after your goals.

So off to Michael’s and Target I went to gather supplies. I picked up a white poster board, a bunch of magazines, and of course some stickers because stickers make everything more fun. Armed with my scissors and glue stick, I dove right in. For the most part, my board if broken up into several different sections, but keep in mind, there’s no right or wrong way to make one. Do what feels right to YOU!

The first section of my board is what I refer to as the Travel section. My husband and I LOVE to travel; and wether its for pleasure, or business or both, we are always on the go. I pasted pictures of some of my favorite places, like Hawaii, someplace I hope to bring my daughter Mia to soon as she loves the beach, and a picture of Paris as its one of my favorite places in the world. I could go back there 100 times and it still wouldn’t be enough, being in Paris is more than an experience, its a feeling. The most important part of this section is the photo of the Maldives. It has always been my dream to go stay in one of those huts that sits in the middle of the ocean and you can see the fish the floor. You know what I am talking about? It is my ULTIMATE destination. My dream is to renew my vows there or perhaps even do a second honeymoon there. Hence all the little wedding themed accents.

The second section of my board features some #BOSSBABES, also known as Marlena Stell and Ashley Graham. Both are women who I look up for several reasons. Marlena is the owner of Makeup Geek Cosmetics, whose products I love, and the soon to be launched inclusive fashion line Marste’. Besides being a boss when it comes to business, I look up to Marlena for who she is as a person and her amazing fashion sense, especially for this curvy girl who always has trouble putting together a cute ensemble. In comes Mrs. Graham. Ashley is an international plus size supermodel who doesn’t ride solely on her looks, while also having incredible fashion taste, she is such a role model for body positivity and has several of her own hugely successful business. Who wouldn’t look up to these amazing women?!

Next comes what I call my “social media” section. I have always been geared towards ‘makeup” when it comes to my online presence but one of my goals is to start transitioning into some more inclusive, lifestyle and fitness type posts as well. I have so many passions and I want to be able to share them all. SPOILER ALERT – this part has already been manifested via the blog you are currently reading. WELCOME! Then towards the bottom of this section, I have Desi & Katy, who are total makeup goals and have been able to make successful careers for themselves via social media, something I strive to do. Also shown are some of my favorite brands of makeup that I would love to work with in the future. Getting to create content for my favorite brands is one of my biggest dreams.

In the top right is a section that may seem materialistic to some, but in short, these are all things I aspire to be able to buy for myself one day by accomplishing my goals and succeeding in my career. Besides the sweet Escalade, are Celine’ and two gorgeous YSL bags. For those that don’t know, I have loved designer bags for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I was able to buy my first one. I have since acquired a few and each one has a special story behind it. They are my BABIES. Each one handled, treated and worn with extra special care. It literally makes me cringe when I see someone who doesn’t take care of their belongings, (i.e. the woman who literally threw her designer bag onto the floor of the airport…that made my heart hurt!). Over time, I hope to add to my collection and make more memories through them.

Last and probably most important is my Health & Fitness section. This area features two more #BOSSBABES, Karena and Katrina of Tone It Up who are not only total fitness goals but business goals too. I have been doing their workouts and following their journey for several years and seeing how they have built their business its truly inspiring. You will also notice a super stylish babe doing lunges (cuz…BOOTY GOALS) and of course I adore her stylish fitness apparel. And the last part is the food, something I have had an abusive relationship with for year. We have had our ups and downs but I will save that for another post and sum it up with – I want to make healthier food choices and

have a better relationship with food. Working out and eating right are things that I feel will not only make me look better on the outside but feel better on the inside, and something I want to do together with my family.

So, now its your turn. What will you put on YOUR vision board?