Five Fabulous Amazon Beauty Finds

I am addicted to shopping on Amazon – I know…SHOCKER! But I mean, how could I not be?! Especially with Amazon Prime. Perfect for those like myself who love instant gratification. And of course not having to put on real clothes or leave the comfort of their homes.

Here are five of my most recent fabulous finds..,

This MAKEUP ORGANIZER CASE has changed my life. When and where I put on my makeup changes constantly. Sometimes it at home, sometimes it’s at work, on set of a photo shoot, on a plane, in the car … you name it. This bad boy has come with me on SOOOOOO many trips and is my favorite purchase ever. It holds literally everything – foundation, concealer, powder, blush, highlighter, all of my brushes. It even has a special place for palettes. What’s great about it too is it eliminates the need for multiple bags. The compartments are customizable and everything is so easily accessible that I work directly out of it without every unpacking.

Five Fabulous Amazon Finds 1

“My hobbies include cuticle care and the E! Network” – if you know what movie that’s from – we are now best friends! But really – my cuticles have always been (for lack of a better word) a shit show. Constantly dry, peeling, cracking, bleeding – literally zero chance of ever being a hand model of here lmao But this SALLY HANSEN CUTICLE ERASER + BALM has totally turned things around, it gently exfoliates the dead skin while moisturizing. I apply it EVERY night before bed and when I wake up, my cuticles are like a whole new woman honey!

Five Fabulous Amazon Beauty Finds

One of my favorite parts of going to the spa for a facial is when they use the HIGH FREQUENCY FACIAL WAND. The treatments can definitely be pricey but the results are sooooooo worth it. Luckily  I found an AT HOME VERSION that has recently become a huge hit in the Instagram Beauty world. It has done absolute wonders for my blemishes and blackheads – like literally started clearing things up overnight. It also has a ton of other amazing benefits but obviously those two are my favorite.

Five Fabulous Amazon Beauty Finds 1

Soooooo gross and yet so satisfying! This is not what it looks like. You’re probably sitting there wondering why the hell I am posting pictures of a kitchen utensil? I mean it does look like a cheese grater or zester – but I promise it’s not. It is a PEDICURE FILE and if you have ever had dry, callused or cracked feet and heels – you NEED this. Even with regular pedicures, my heels justnever felt silky smooth – that is until I started using this!

Five Fabulous Amazon Beauty Finds 2


If you have not heard of facial massage or lymphatic drainage – I suggest you head over to Google and do some research ASAP. I myself had NO idea what it was until I started following THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL. Besides being a great treatment for anti-aging this VIBRATING SILICONE FACIAL BRUSH from Amazon also helps products to penetrate deeper into your skin – I love using it with my SUNDAY RILEY FACE OILS. But my favorite feature is that this little bad boy provides the ultimate lymphatic drainage. I wake up with a puffy face EVERY morning – that combined with my already naturally round features can leave me looking like a balloon. This helps to drain all the fluid out of my face. It seriously has not only helped to naturally contour my face but has also drastically helped with my double chin situation.

Five Fabulous Amazon Beauty Finds 3

So there you have it – all my “shipped to your door” beauty secrets! Also, be sure to head over to my INSTAGRAM for even more great finds!