I wanted to share some photos from our Hawaii vacation. But before we get to the pictures, I wanted to include a bit more back story on our vacation for those who were following along on my IG stories. It was a bit of what I like to refer to as “hot mess express”.

So….our cruise to Hawaii didn’t go exactly as planned. What was supposed to 7 days on different islands, turned into 3 days on land and 5 days at sea due to Hurricane Lane. And if you’re doing the math, yes, it wound up being and 8 day cruise as we were unable to dock due to the ports being closed.


Where do I begin…? Well, the first few days were absolutely awesome. Everything you would expect, sun, sand and of course frozen drinks. Mia and I took every opportunity we could get to rock our swimwear and take some adorable pictures together. You can click on any of the photos to shop them!

A few days into the trip, we were forced out to the middle of the ocean to avoid the hurricane which caused the ship to move quite a bit due to the waves out that far. This in turn, basically resulted in me being SUPER sea sick for the next 5 days….que dramatic music. But really, it was awful. I am not kidding when I say that I quite literally kissed the ground as we finally got to walk off the ship on Sunday.

Green faced, I turned to my husband and basically begged him not to make me board our scheduled flight later that day. My beautiful puke-y glow must have really sold it because he quickly booked us a room at my favorite resort EVER…Hilton Hawaiian Village. Besides being breathtakingly gorgeous and the place where we got married, the resort has EVERYTHING you could ever want or need. You can see more of it on the “Hawaii” highlights in my IG Stories.

We had the pleasure of staying in the Alli Tower and let me tell you, I seriously am trying to figure out how I can live there permanently. The room was absolutely GORGEOUS. Spacious, bright, relaxing and with perfect view of the ocean. Not to mention the wrap around balcony that I could seriously just bask on for hours. The bathroom was also HUGE which if you are like me, and travel with an array of makeup and skincare goodies, you will definitely appreciate.

The property features multiple beaches, a lagoon, tons of pools…and the best part, an entire village of restaurants and shops. {COUGH COUGH}…Louis Vuitton…to which I may or may not have stumbled into and bought myself a sympathy gift for surviving our cruise. Also, a magical place known only as the “Honolulu Cookie Co.” where they make the most delicious shortbread cookies you will ever taste. The white chocolate coconut are my guilty pleasure!

Back at the hotel, we got to enjoy the beautiful koi ponds and the torch lighting ceremony at sunset. Mia loved watching as they lit each tiki torch around the property while blowing the conch shell. All while enjoying some complimentary cupcakes of course! lol

It was the most relaxing day of our ENTIRE trip and by far my favorite. And not just because of my new purse lol Having to leave the Hilton Hawaiian Village was a sad moment but I am already convincing the hubby to make back REALLY soon! We flew home the following day, luckily without any motion sickness on my end. But now I find myself daydreaming about being back at the beach.





My next adventure will be happening in just a few weeks and I can not wait to take you all along with me! Here’s a hint: “The City So Nice, They Named It Twice.”