Lips that pop! We all love seeing dozens of lip colors when perusing the aisles at Ulta, but most (like myself), have a tendency to stick to basics – pinks and nudes. What about those fun, over the top colors and formulas left behind? They need love too, so today I want to showcase different ways to rock a bold lip featuring Maybelline’s new Lip Studio Line at Ulta Beauty!

Method One – KEEP IT SIMPLE!
Although it might sound contradictory, one of the ways to rock a bold lip is by keeping the rest of the makeup more subtle. With less dramatic eye makeup, and softer blends, it creates a more neutral canvas that allows for the lip to be the star of the show without having to compete. The Maybelline Metallic Foil Liquid Lipsticks are perfect for this. Their creamy formula and true metallic finish are a total winner. I also really appreciate the fact they don’t dry out my lips. The shades, Vortex, Calypso, Zen, Trident, Luna and Nemesis lean more the neutral side and perfect for making your initial debut into the fun lip wold. Here is one example where I created a bronze goddess type look using neutral tons with a contrasting metallic bronze lip. Perfect for my upcoming tropic vacation!



Method Two – SHINE ON!
This is one of my favorite ways to rock a bold lip. I love using fun eyeshadow colors and will often tie them in with my lips. To do this, I pick my lip color first, then bring similar or complimentary hues into my eyeshadow. My favorite shades to use are purple and pink. And for this, the Maybeline Electric Shine Prismatic Lip Glosses are pure perfection. They include 6 different shades with blue and purple to white and silver. Shades include Moonlit Metal, Lunar Gem, Cosmic Light, Magnetic Ice, Midnight Prism and Electric Blue. The formula is very creamy, easily blendable, non-sticky and has the perfect amount of pigment. These glosses give a great, shiny pop of color that can be dressed up with a shiny/metallic eye or made to be the star by contrasting them with a matte shadow look.


Method Three – ROCK IT OUT!
Go big or go home and BRING ON THE GLITTER! Whether it’s a night out on the town with the girls, a festival, or you just woke up feeling like you need some sparkle, the Maybelline Glitter Fix Lip Gloss has you covered. In 6 different shades these babies will add extra dimension to any look and are only $8.99. I have to admit, I am a bit of a glitter addict and will basically use any excuse to wear it loud and proud. The shades include Shadow Hunter, Wicked Tease, Pink Smoke, Gold Boost, Spell Struck and Steamy Nights. They can be worn alone or layered over your favorite Maybelline lipsticks. And let’s not forget, Halloween is right around the corner and glitter lips will jazz up any costume!!


All three items and shades retail for only $8.99 and you can find the entire line at your local Ulta! So now the question is, how will you rock them?!

This post is brought to you by Maybelline and Her Campus Media!

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