Make Your Bra Problems “Vanish”

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Have you ever felt personally victimized by your bra? I know I have! Bands too tight, too lose, cups that are too big, too small, spillage, underwires digging in, and the ever so sexy bulge.

When I discovered the Soma Vanishing Back Bra, it felt like my personal reward for a lifetime of bra issues. The bra features a special technology that creates a COMPLETELY seamless and smooth look under your clothes. No more bra lines and more importantly, no more bra bulge either!! It smoothes everything from front to back, even the sides. The band of the bra also features a 3-zone panel which means your band will retain its shape better and longer. The bra also features a blend of nylon and spandex for the perfect amount of stretch – this also also helps it maintains its shape through countless washings.

And while I opted for the Vanishing Back Full Coverage Bra, the Vanishing Back line hosts a wide variety of different styles. Everything from full coverage, front close, lace, lined, unlined, wireless and more! There’s something for everyone. And even better – they have an INCREDIBLE size range in both band AND cup sizes. They currently range from a 32A to a 44G! I also love that they have styles for everything from a daily wear style t-shirt bra, to more sexy, lace trimmed versions too.

Also, as someone with a larger chest, bras can often become painful for me after several hours of wear. But I am BEYOND happy to share that even after wearing mine for a 12 hour period (gotta love travel days), it was still super comfy and I had no rubbing, tugging or digging. I’ve even been found lounging around the house in mine with my favorite robe (also from Soma) – it’s sooooo buttery soft!

Since I now have no bra lines, it seems silly to have panty lines. Soma also has an entire line of Vanishing Edge Panties. They too come in all different styles, including bikinis, briefs, thongs, hipsters, cotton blends, lace, you name it! The lace and scallop edge versions are my favorites. I’ve already amassed quite the collection – after all, a girl can never have too many options!

So for those of you who have been asking how I have no lines in all my fashion posts, now you know my secret! You can buy the amazing Vanishing line on their website or use their Boutique Finder to find the location closest to you. What’s awesome too is when you visit a boutique, they have on site experts to help fit you for the perfect bra! No more guessing and spending hours trying things on!

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