One of the many reasons I love living in California is the weather, and its almost summer time here in sunny SoCal! The temperature outside is finally warming up and to celebrate, I wanted to share some of my summer essentials.

Of course I have to start with my first love, summer beauty products. I mean come one, did you really expect anything different from me?!

I have always hated sunscreen (I know some of you are crawling in your skin right now, or yelling at me in your heads) but they always smell so bad and make my skin feel so weird. Luckily, I no longer steer away from sunscreen thanks to this little gem from Coola Suncare. These are the Coola Full Spectrum Sun Silk Drops and are basically like little drops of heaven for those of us who hate normal sunscreens but also hate sun damage. Besides coming in the prettiest neon lilac bottle, the formula has a wonderful light citrus scent and melts beautifully into the skin.

Now as someone who has thick hair, I never really though my scalp would need sun protection, but I quickly learned otherwise on my vacation in Mexico last year when after spending a few days in the sun, I couldn’t brush my hair without screaming. But am I about to out sunscreen on my scalp? Yea…NO! Leave it to Coola to come out with the coolest product ever –  Coola Organic Scalp & Hair Mist SPF 30. It too has an amazing citrus scent and in addition to protecting your scalp from the suns harmful rays, it also keeps hair color from fading as well as keeping it moisturized. DOUBLE WIN!

In most cases, I dont wear much or any makeup to the beach, but some days, I just wanna be a little extra, or in some cases, when an outdoor event requires makeup, I like to have some spf protection. The Coola Daydream Mineral Primer is the perfect mutlitasker for such occasions. It can be worn with or without makeup and that not only protect, but treat your skin.

Being as fair skinned as I am, tanning naturally can be a bit difficult for me, so I like to use a few “assistive products” if you will. Right now, my main favorite is the Lorac Tantalizer. They recently re-did the packaging so mine looks a little different but the product remained the same. It gives your skin the most gorgeous subtle bronze color with just a hint of shimmer. It also now comes in different shades depending on skin tone. To apply it, or any bronzer for that matter, I always use my insanely priced, but worth every penny, Tom Ford Bronzer Brush. I know people will tell me I am crazy, but it makes the application of my bronzer one thousand times better than any other brush. It makes the product actually look like skin.

Last but certainly not least are beach accessories, I mean come one, you didn’t think I would leave those out did you? The hat shown is sadly sold out already, but I’ve linked a few of my other favorites for you guys as well. Including this super cute Hello Beaches one (it may or may not already be on its way to my mailbox as I type this) and Pompom Trim one.

This s&%! is bananas! And so are these Printed Flip Flops, too cute right?! They also come in Flamingo and Watermelon print. AND….wait for it….they are only $3.50 a pair!

Well, that’s all for today my beach babies. What are your summer essentials?