I wanted to share a gift guide for beauty addicts. As a self-professed beauty lover and shopaholic, my closet and collection are definitely not missing a whole lot. If you ask my friends or family, they will tell you I am the hardest person to shop for. So today, I wanted to round up a bunch of amazing gift ideas for beauty addicts alike or for those women who are just downright hard to shop for.

1. First up is my makeup bag…although, it’s actually more of a case. When I first got into makeup, I had a tiny little makeup bag, then transitioned to a giant train case, then into a whole room. But since I travel with my makeup quite often and regularly bring it back and forth from my home to my office, I needed something that was the perfect size, held a lot of stuff, but wasn’t too big, and kept me organized. I found THIS ONE on Amazon for super cheap and it has never left my side! Seriously my favorite purchase so far this year! It also comes in a SMALL and MEDIUM size for those who want something a bit more compact.

2. Next is my vanity mirror. I have been using my RIKI SKINNY mirror for about two years now and it is AMAZING. It has adjustable light settings, great color and is super compact which makes it perfect for travel. I also recently got the RIKI TALL which is a full size vanity mirror and soooooo gorgeous! Definitely a splurge but worth every penny. You can use code “CurvesToContour” to save 15% off your purchase too!

3. I have been using my CLARISONIC for almost 15 years. But rather than focus on how old I really am, it’s a true testament to how much I truly love this device. It’s the perfect gift for any beauty lover, especially those who enjoy wearing makeup because it really deep cleans the skin and has so many other amazing benefits. This holiday set from Sephora is my favorite and features their new CLARISONIC MIA SMART device which I have been absolutely obsessed with.

4. The word palette holds this incredible power over me. I hear it and instantly want to purchase regardless of what it is. With the NARS AUDACIOUS LIPSTICK PALETTES, it was truly love at first sight. This formula is by far the best on the market and the set includes such a gorgeous range of shades sure to please even the pickiest makeup junkie.


5. Here’s a secret many girls won’t share…we shave our faces! Yes, you read that correctly, no longer is shaving just for the legs, we have moved our way north! The DERMAFLASH 2.0 is a luxe facial exfoliation and peach fuzz removal system that has done WONDERS for my skin. My skin has become clearer, blackheads disappeared, fine lines minimized and my makeup applies like an absolute dream all thanks to this bad boy. It’s something that any beauty lover with adore and appreciate for years to come!

6. We all need our beauty sleep, which is exactly why this next gift is perfect for your beauty loving gal pal. The SLIP BEAUTY SLEEP TO GO set contains a silk sleep mask and pillow case for the most beautiful slumber a girl could ask for. Made with high quality mulberry silk, this dream duo protect skin and hair from aging and provide you with the ultimate beauty sleep.

7. Diamonds are not a girls best friend, makeup brushes are! The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill brushes are some of my all time favorites. Ulta is currently offering the EYE MASTER COLLECTION which contains 8 beautiful eye brushes and the COMPLEXION MASTER COLLECTION which has everything you need for a flawless foundation. Since they are also fairly new to the scene, they are perfect for adding to any collection.

8. Here’s a secret I am going to let you in on…most “beauty gurus” or Instagram influencers, we have a mullet situation going on when it comes to taking pictures or videos. Confused? Well basically what this means is, our hair and makeup are done, we have a cute top on, but everything from the waist down is usually a hot mess of sweatpants and slippers or a undies and a fuzzy blanket. The BAREFOOT DREAMS blanket is my favorite blanket of LIFE! It’s insanely soft, the perfect size and makes the perfect gift for literally anyone.

Happy shopping! xo – Nicole