Skin Saviors, Face Oils…

You want me to put oil on my already oily skin? ARE YOU NUTS?!

This was my exact response when someone recommended the Sunday Riley Oils to me. My skin already had plenty of oil, it certainly didn’t need any more. Fast forward a few months and now…I literally can not live without it. I am no joking when I say, I  take a bottle everywhere I go, especially when traveling, even if its only for a night.

It all began when my skin decided to have a total meltdown. I’m talking, full force breakout complete with blackheads, white heads, pimples, blister, and basically anything and everything in between. I started watching countless videos and researching products until I came across the Sunday Riley U.F.O Ultra Clarifying Face Oil, $40. Summed up, I basically understood that while the strong smell could be a little off-putting, it was basically a miracle in a jar. SOLD!!

I immediately purchased it, got it home and applied it to my face right before bed. The next morning, I woke up, dreading looking in the mirror to see what havoc had ensued on my face through the night. I stumbled to the bathroom mirror and instantly thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I put my contacts in and took another look, my eyes were in fact, seeing perfectly clear…and what they saw, was clear skin! Overnight, the redness was gone, the swelling subsided, and about 90% of my breakout has disappeared without a trace. While this may sound un-real, and trust me if you told me this, I would think so too, but I promise you, I have NEVER seen such a quick and dramatic change in my skin. Oh and did I mention, since I started using it, it has actually balanced out my oil production?!


While browsing through the Sephora site, I also saw Sunday Riley had several other oils, all with great reviews. There was one that stood out among the rest, Luna Night Oil. It costs slight more than the U.F.O Oil at $55 but with only needing a few drops a day, I saw it as a good investment. A sleeping night oil, one of its targets was Pores and Texture, both of which are things I could definitely use help with. So in the cart it went. Within a week, my pore size had dramatically shrunk, my fine lines and wrinkles were almost non-existent and I had ZERO redness. But the icing on the cake, or oil on the face in this case, is that my texture went away. No more lumps and bumps for this girl. My skin looked just as good without makeup as it did with it.

If you don’t have perfect skin, do yourself a favor, spend the $40 – $55 and get yourself a bottle, I promise you and your skin will thank me later!

* DISCLAIMER – NOT Sponsored. While I would LOVE to be sponsored by Sunday Riley, they literally don’t know I exist. But their products have changed my life.