The Best Makeup Bag Ever

I have gone through DOZENS of makeup bags. Different shapes, sizes, colors, you name it. And in most cases, I would always have several makeup bags at a time since one alone could never hold all my makeup. It would usually be broken up amongst 3-4 bags, one for base products, one for blush/bronzer/highlighter, one for eye & lip products and one for brushes and sponges. When I saw this makeup case on Amazon, it was love at first sight. The neatly organized makeup collection in the photos is what my OCD dreams are made of. I immediately ordered it and not so patiently waited for UPS to arrive the next day. I finally found the best makeup bag ever!

Now, I won’t bore you with my  full version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears – but basically, it took me trying all 3 size cases to finally find the perfect one. So if you are sitting there wondering why I have all 3, now you know why. And honestly, I am not mad about it one bit. Each one serves a specific purpose and they are such amazing quality. I have definitely put these bad boys through the ringer. Tossing in and out of my car, my suitcases, being literally thrown across the room by my toddler – they have not only held up but perfectly protected all the previous beauty goodies inside.

The makeup case has customizable compartments in addition to a fully covered and protected area for brushes as well. It also has a somewhat hidden flat zip pocket that’s perfect for storing palettes. It took me several tries to get the compartments exactly the way I wanted them but now they are perfectly set up for my collection. What I really love about the case is how organized it keeps everything. With other makeup bags, I was constantly making a mess where ever I happened to be doing my makeup. Products were literally everywhere, things were constantly rolling away and I can’t tell you how many items I’ve completely lost. With this case, I am able to work directly out of it. I grab the product I need, apply it, and then put it back in its designated place. I also am able to easily grab my brushes without having to rummage through whatever makeshift brush holder I happened to be using (usually a plastic cup or mug). It’s basically like having a portable vanity.

I have found that the MEDIUM size is the perfect one for me. It’s about 14″ x 10″ and holds everything I could possibly want or need without being crazy. However, I have kept the other two sizes. The LARGE which is about 16″ x 12″ is perfect for long trips. It holds all my makeup, hair care and skin care too as well as my curling iron. This is also the size that a lot of pro makeup artists use. The SMALL is about 10″ x 9″ and is great if you are more of a minimalist when it comes to makeup. I will use this for overnight quick trips or when I just am super limited on packing space. I will also sometime use this is conjunction with the Medium one to hold my hair care and skincare items.These cases provide amazing protection and never have to worry about anything breaking, spilling or leaking.

As far as organization goes, I have mine divided into 6 different compartments. The first is for base – primer, foundation, concealer etc. Compartment two is for setting powders, I have this weird setting powder obsession and always like to have two shades. I also use the extra space in this compartment for any small square palettes. The third compartment is for blush, bronzer, contour and highlighter. Compartment four is all eye products – brow pencils, brow gel, mascara, eye primer, eye liner, etc. At the top, there are two long narrow compartments. One holds full size eye palettes, tweezers and my setting spray. It also holds my foundation brush. Since I keep mine in the special case it comes in, it doesn’t fit properly with the rest. The other compartment holds my giant powder brush (it can get squished in the top flap) and all of my lip products – gloss, lipstick, lip liner, balm, etc.

Oh and the best part, all three sizes are $40 and under. SUCH a steal right?!