Long Hair, Don’t Care…

Growing up, I wanted to be a mermaid…no joke…and if we are being honest, I still do! I mean, who wouldn’t want to have an awesome sparkly fin and long beautiful hair that twirls in the water while you swim?! While I don’t think I will ever have a sparkly fin, I was able to achieve the long hair part. But let me tell you, long hair comes with its own set of struggles and lately, my biggest one has been frizz.

I recently started using Alterna’s new line of Anti-Frizz products and as my sister was so kind to point out, I initially was drawn to them because of their adorable pink packaging. We all know pink is my jam.

So let’s start with the shampoo and conditioner. To me, these are the base of any good hair care routine. The Alterna Caviar Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner feature a naturally concentrated rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids as well as an age-control complex that works against the chemical and environmental elements that affect our hair. Both have a very nice, light and fresh fragrance to it but more importantly, the shampoo doesn’t strip my hair of its moisture and really helped to keep my frizz tamed between washes. The duo also contain “Seasick” which is a blend of marine botanicals for added moisture and I have to say, even after washing my hair, I didn’t feel my normal need for a leave in conditioner as I normally do. I’m not kidding when I say that without a leave in, I normally can not physically get a brush through my locks.

Next comes what I consider to be the star of the show, the Blowout Butter. If the name alone doesn’t intrigue you, then I’m not sure what would. It contains all the magic ingredients used in the shampoo and conditioner and is a cream to oil butter formula meant to be used after washing. It claims to provide 72 hours of humidity control (something this SoCal girl can always use), and I am happy to report, my hair was a warrior against the crazy humidity we have had going on lately. The product also doubles as a heat protectant for those day when I want a little extra va va voom from my curling iron or blow dryer. Oh…and did it mention it made my hair insanely soft?

The Nourishing Hair Oil is something that I had a bit of trial and error with. Without thinking, I initially applied it on my roots (clearly my mommy brain was in full effect that day)… While my already oily roots obviously weren’t a fan, my ends were singing hallelujah! Not only did they look healthier instantly, but my hair actually looked revived. It gave a really nice, subtle shine to my hair that really brought it to life. Queue cheesy ad with incessant hair flipping and tossing…but seriously, I definitely had a commercial moment.

Since I stopped washing my hair every day, you can probably imagine how much dry shampoo I go through with all this hair but the one thing I absolutely can not stand is how dull my hair looks no matter what kind I use or how well I work it into my luscious locks. Enter Dry Oil Mist. This multi-tascker not only helps control frizz, but also works as a heat protectant and reduces breakage by 93%….YES PLEASE! However, my favorite feature is the life it brings back to my hair after a dry shampoo. It restores the moisture without restoring the grease or undoing all the work I just did applying the dry shampoo to my hair. It brings back the color and shine, almost like a liquid resurrection as I like to say.

So whether you have dry hair, dull hair, long hair, short hair or basically any hair at all, I would definitely recommend trying out the line. After all, who doesn’t want long, luscious locks? #teammermaidhair

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