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Free People Tunic Sale

I see it. I like it. I want it. I bought it!… and in every color!! I have been eyeing this tunic for ages and when it finally went on sale, I bought it in navy, light blue (even though it’s technically called “green”) and the most gorgeous lilac color.…

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Make Your Bra Problems “Vanish”

Have you ever felt personally victimized by your bra? I know I have! Bands too tight, too lose, cups that are too big, too small, spillage, underwires digging in, and the ever so sexy bulge. When I discovered the Soma Vanishing Back Bra, it felt like my personal reward for…

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Plus Size Swimwear 2019

I’ve rounded up all my favorite swimsuits for Summer 2019! Although it’s a little early in the season, I know many of you (including myself) already have some upcoming vacations so I wanted to get this up. I will also be adding to this post as new suits are released!…

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New Year – New Yoga Pants

YOU GUYS!! I finally took my yoga pants to yoga. Well, a did a little yoga, but mostly I have been doing lots of HIIT workouts – also known as High Intensity Interval Training. I am not a huge fan of exercise…shocker right?! But I love the way HIIT makes…

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Please describe your idea of a perfect date. – “That’s a tough one. I’d have to say April 25. Because it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.” – If you know this movie reference, we are officially best friends. And I now expect…

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Pixi Pretties With My Mini Me

My mini me decided to confiscate my new Pixi Beauty package! I can’t blame her though, these palettes are all gorgeous! Congratulations to Dulce Candy, Weylie and Chloe Morello on these amazing collabs! So first up is Chloe’s collab. The palette has all the shades you need to create a…

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